How To Teach Your Kids About Money: 
K-7 Starter Toolkit

A comprehensive video-based program to give parents all the tools and guidance they need to begin effectively teaching their elementary-aged kids about money. 
This proven course will help you confidently execute a brand new allowance routine for your child that allows for consistency and simplicity, yet will establish the foundation for your child's path to money smarts without you feeling overwhelmed or insecure about your own financial literacy.

Before you Iearn more about the course, let's see if you're the right fit:

You are right for How To Teach Your Kids About Money: K-7 Starter Toolkit if you wish to firmly plant your child on a money savvy path towards becoming a financially literate adult. 

This course is right for you if you want to teach your child about money, but are ...  

  • Unsure how to teach your child about money, but know how important it is to start
  • Don't feel you have the financial knowledge to teach your child about money, but still want to do so
  • Feel like there aren't enough hours in the week to add another parenting thing
  • Worried that your child doesn't understand the value of a dollar, and wish to course correct their relationship with money easily and effectively.
  • Completely unsure where to begin, and would benefit from step-by-step guidance

 If at least one of those thoughts resonate with you ... You're in the right place!

K-7 Starter Toolkit will give you the tools, inspiration, and support to launch and sustain an allowance routine, along with the tools you need to systematically use allowance day lessons to teach mindful spending, saving, investing, donating and borrowing. And here's the kicker ... You don't need to be a financial whiz!

By the end of this course, you will:

Have removed all barriers in your way for effective and meaningful money conversations with your child on a regular basis 

Have all the tools you need to start an allowance routine that's robust and effective, yet easy enough to maintain on a consistent basis

Be strategically guiding your child to mindfully spend, save, invest, donate and borrow, no matter your level of financial knowledge


Witness your child's relationship with money transform after just one new allowance day

Be completely comfortable with an entirely new life-changing routine after just 90 days 

Watch your child value a dollar more than they every have before.

Our K-7 Starter Toolkit changes lives, and is officially open for enrollment:




Here's what's inside K-7 Starter Toolkit:

Your Toolbox 

Every great project deserves the right tools. With K-7 Starter Toolkit, you're not just getting instructions, you're getting unlimited, lifetime access the tools you need ... those that make your new job as Chief Financial Parent easier. For example, each video packs a ton of actionable know-how into less than eight minutes, and every tool fits together like a pre-school Lego set.

💰 26 digestible how-to videos produced to provide specific instructions for parents of all levels of financial knowledge. 
💰 Removable dry-erase adhesives mailed to your home to support your efforts for teaching mindful spending, saving, investing, donating and borrowing. 
💰 Downloadable, printable PDFs:
            💵 Step-by-step instructions for your new, robust allowance routine.
            💵 Tracker worksheets and samples, including those for spending and more.
            💵 Templates for house rules, notes and more.
💰 Links to additional resources, both inside and outside of the COR ecosystem, all in support of your efforts.

Setting the Table

Every great journey starts with the first step. Our first steps come in the form of providing the clarity you need to level set goals, and provide some basic ground rules to keep in mind now, and throughout your journey.

💰 Two introductory videos await:
            💵 First, you'll learn about the roadmap you're about to follow. But these aren't just directions, it's GPS guidance ... Complete with turn-by-turn directions and course correction.
            💵 Second, Alec will lay out the ground rules to keep in mind as you start your journey to teach your child to become money savvy.

Your Powerful, New, Easy Allowance Routine

This is where the magic starts. Alec won't just tell you what makes for a great allowance routine, he's going to show you how to proceed with your own, step-by-step. This foundational module provides all that you need to establish allowance day as the single most important element of your money teaching efforts. Every aspect of your journey relies on the foundation built here on the solid footing of four basic elements: Spend, Save, Invest and Donate. Without this foundational support as the mainstay of your strategy, you're likely just building a house of cards. This is the key to your child's transformation into someone who mindfully spends, saves, invests and donates.

💰 Section 1: Allowance Basics & The Four Slots (6 videos)
            💵 Specific answers and guidance for some of the most important allowance questions:
                  💳 When should I start?
                  💳 Should I make allowance conditional on chores or grades?
                  💳 How often should I give allowance?
                  💳 How much should I give?
            💵 Introductions and deep dives into the four pillars of the entire COR methodology: Spend, Save, Invest and Donate.
                  💳 Specific details of the why and what for each of these critical pillars.

💰 Section 2: Step-By-Step Allowance Instruction (3 videos)
            💵 You'll step into Alec's living room as he ...
                  💳 Shows you his exact allowance day setup.
                  💳 Walks you through each step of the allowance day routine.
                  💳 Demonstrates how to integrate the each of the Spend, Save, Invest and Donate pillars into your routine.
            💵 Downloadable step-by-step instructions to use during your new allowance routine, including ... 
                  💳 Details for setup and preparation.
                  💳 How-to instruction and details for execution and conversation starters.

💰 Section 3: Moving Forward (2 videos)
            💵 With an eye to the future, you'll have a vision and plan in mind as your allowance routine evolves in the months and years ahead.
            💵 You'll learn about a few variations from Alec's recipe, should you wish to deviate with your own tweaks.

Teaching Spending, Income and Credit

Now that your foundation has been laid, it's time to build up. After you have one transformational allowance routine under your belt, you'll be ready to learn how to take the conversations and principles from that experience, and consistently apply them to all the other days that are NOT allowance day. You'll learn to recognize opportunities for teaching, and get equipped to handle them in a way that's comfortable for you. You'll also learn to add a new wrinkle into your allowance routine, one that's a transformative strategy to easily practice credit in your home on a consistent basis. 

💰 Section 1: A Cautionary Tale (1 video)
            💵 This introductory video will serve as a reminder of just how important it is to make sure our children are financially literate.

💰 Section 2: Instructions to Guide Your Child's Spending (3 videos)
            💵 Before the Spend: As your child prepares to spend, you'll now be armed with the right tools to foster a short, but effective dialogue as they consider purchases.
            💵 During the Transaction: Step-by-step instructions on your role as your child is actively spending their own money.
            💵 After the Purchase: Just because the sale is done, doesn't mean the lessons end. Short, but consequential guidance is covered here. 

💰 Section 3: Training To Foster Income Dialogue (3 videos)
            💵 Now that your antennae is trained to spot money teaching opportunities, here's where you'll learn to foster proactive conversations about income.           
            💵 You'll get detailed answers and guidance for the inevitable questions kids ask about income, including:
                  💳 "How much money do you make?"
                  💳 "Are we rich (or poor)?"
                  💳 "Can I have more allowance?"

💰 Section 4: Step-By-Step Instruction to Teach Credit & Borrowing (2 videos)
            💵 You'll step into Alec's kitchen as he ...
                  💳 Demonstrates how to strategically introduce credit and borrowing to your child.
                  💳 Walks you through each step of an allowance day credit routine.
                  💳 Details the exact process your child will use to practice using credit regularly.  

            💵 Downloadable step-by-step instructions to use during your new credit routine, including ... 
                  💳 Step-by-step guidance and demonstration for using an included dry-erase credit bill.
                  💳 How-to instruction and details for execution and conversation starters.

 💰 Section 5: Wrap-Up & Next Steps (2 videos)
            💵 Specific recommendations for integrating outsiders into your money teaching efforts.
            💵 With an eye to the future, Alec offers guidance for next steps. 

What's it all worth, and what's your risk?


💰 How To Teach Your Child About Money: K-7 Starter Toolkit - $1,000 Value
            💵 26 course videos
            💵 Coaching notes & emails
            💵 PDF downloadables
            💵 Dry erase adhesives mailed to your home

 💰 Ongoing Access to Cents Responsibility Community - $300 Value
            💵 Parent community message boards
            💵 Alec's coaching corner


When you add it up, that's a value of $1,300.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident these courses will totally change the way your child thinks about money. They're a total game changer. We believe that with all our heart, because that's what it did for our family, and so many others.

If you don't find that to be the case, just email us ( and let us know. If you email us within 30 days of your purchase, we'll refund your order in full. 


How To Teach Your Kids About Money:

K-7 Starter Toolkit 

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I hope you'll join our journey ...

If you're not actively teaching your child about money, they're likely missing out on a critical life skill. Even if your child's school was doing a better job of teaching money skills, it still wouldn't be sufficient. 

In order for your child to become truly financially literate and money savvy, they must practice good financial hygiene on a regular basis. And only you can provide ownership, and the opportunity to do just that. 

Here's the great part:

You don't need to be Warren Buffet to do any of this. You just need a strategy, and some desire.

We'll take care of the strategy, while you take care of the desire. Our role is to make you the best possible money teacher in your house, and our tools were developed to do exactly that. 

I created this course, with that goal in mind ... to make you the best teacher possible. Why? Because I know firsthand that teaching about money isn't second nature for most parents. But I knew it could be. That's why I took everything that's worked in my home for years, and brought it to my local community. Only after I saw it work there, did I create this digital format to spread the word. 

If you're not sure how to teach your child about money, but you know how important it is ... I've got you. You'll be amazed at how easy, and effective this can all be. And if I'm wrong on that ... well, remember there's a money back guarantee on the whole thing. But I don't think you're going to need it. 

I invite you to join me on this quest to teach your children cents-ibly.

Kind regards,

Alec Lindenauer, CFP®
COR Chief Allowance Officer