How To Teach Your Kids About Money: K-7 Toolkit
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Cents of Responsibility

The Cents of Responsibility (COR) method was founded by a family comprised of inquisitive children, proactive parents, involved grandparents, and as luck may have it, two financial advisors. Collectively, we discovered there was no holistic method (available to the public) to make sure our little ones grew into money savvy, financially literate adults. So we decided to create one.

Our mission is to develop and expand that method, and deliver it to parents so they can implement it at their dinner table. Our goal is to create an experience so that parents feel as connected to the message and mission as if they were sitting in our kitchen, working alongside our family. We aim to make it simple and straightforward to implement these important lessons and steer clear from abstract concepts.

Kids are not learning real-life money concepts like budgeting, saving, spending, and more through traditional school programs. It's up to us, parents, to teach our children financial literacy that will last their lifetime.

Alec Lindenauer and Julie Frans

Our Team

Alec and Julie, longtime friends and neighbors, are the creators of the Cents of Responsibility (COR) methodology, and the communities that support it.

Alec, a longtime Financial Advisor and Chief Allowance Officer to two daughters, first brought his methods from the kitchen table to the outside world at Julie's request in 2018. Since that event promoting youth entrepreneurship, Alec has made it his mission to give parents the help and tools they need to raise their children into money savvy, financially literate adults. 

Julie quickly realized that one of the most rewarding aspects of Alec's live sessions was the helpful dialogue and engagement between parents. As a parent of two, Julie found that peer sharing element to be a perfect complement to Alec's coaching. Julie now lovingly cultivates the Cents of Responsibility (COR) community to recreate that atmosphere in an online format as she adopts Alec's methods into her own home. 


The Cents of Responsibility Method

The Cents of Responsibility (COR) methodology is centered around the premise that the best way to help parents prepare their children for a lifetime of finance is to effectively blend an educational experience with a comfortable peer sharing environment.

Education by Alec

There isn't a single part of the COR curriculum that is theoretical. We won't talk about it if we haven't tried it or witnessed it firsthand.

As Alec's methods have moved from the kitchen table to the classroom, and now online, COR's key educational elements are currently delivered via streaming video through a series of engaging courses designed to set you on a new path to effectively raise your child into a money savvy, financially literate adult.

Community by Julie

When our methods moved from the kitchen to the classroom, we discovered that the peer sharing between parents in those live sessions was an unexpected and vital part of the parental journey. 

Parents sharing with other parents normalized new experiences, and made for a much more effective learning environment. Julie takes great care to recreate that same atmosphere in an online format.


Cents of Responsibility Blog

On a weekly basis, Alec and Julie offer their thoughts on a variety of topics, all in support of the Cents of Responsibility (COR) mission. Accessible to all, the blog is a place for parents to keep up with financial literacy in the news, get tips for their own home, and access fresh ideas on a regular basis. 

Have an idea for a blog topic? Make sure to email us your thoughts!


COR Podcast

The Cents of Responsibility Podcast is your one-stop listen for how-to instructions crafted to help parents teach their children about money in a practical manner. 

Join Alec and Julie as they discuss raising money savvy kids amongst themselves, with other parents, and with selected field experts.

Available on YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Google. 


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