#5: New COR Parent Robbie Singer Joins Alec & Julie

In this fifth episode of How to Teach Your Child About Money podcast, Alec and Julie interview new COR parent, Robbie Singer. Robbie shares his own story and history of money with his parents, and what made him take the allowance plunge with his children. You’ll also hear about his challenges and wins with the COR course, How to Teach Your Child About Money: The Elementary Starter, including: 

  • “What should I do when my child wants to spend all their money on candy?”
  • “When should my child spend their own money instead of mine?”
  • “How do I teach my child the benefits of compounding interest on their investment accounts?”
  • “How much allowance should I give my child?”

Listen in to hear all about Robbie’s COR journey, as he works to raise his children into financially responsible adults. 

Guest Bio:

Robbie Singer is the President of Nearly Natural, one of the country’s most important artificial floral companies. His family started the business nearly 75 years ago, and it continues to grow today under Robbie’s stewardship. Despite his success as a businessman, teaching his daughters about money was a mystery. Robbie came to Alec, his long time friend since college, and has recently started his journey with the Cents of Responsibility Program. Robbie has two daughters, ages 10 and 8 years old.


In this episode:
- Alec Lindenauer, COR's Chief Allowance Officer
- Julie Frans, COR's Chief Community Officer
- Robbie Singer, CEO of Nearly Natural


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