#16: Teaching Kids Financial Literacy at Home and School (with FitMoney’s Jessica Pelletier)

In this episode of the “How to Teach Your Kids About Money” podcast, Alec interviews Jessica Pelletier, the executive director of FitMoney, a nonprofit organization focused on teaching financial literacy to children. Jessica shares her personal journey and passion for early financial education, highlighting the growth of financial literacy requirements in schools.

Jessica talks about the challenges faced by educators, including time constraints and lack of familiarity with financial literacy topics, and emphasizes the need for professional development to empower teachers to effectively teach these essential skills.

Jessica also explores the role of parents and teachers in promoting financial literacy, that financial education should be taught both at home and in the classroom, ensuring equitable access to knowledge. Jessica discusses the significance of earning money and teaching children about charitable giving and making difficult financial decisions.

Let’s start empowering children with essential financial skills today!


  • Importance of teaching financial literacy from kindergarten
  • Challenges faced by educators in teaching financial literacy
  • Experiential learning and parental modeling as effective methods
  • FitMoney's Super Squad game for engaging children
  • Jessica’s experience with her children's money behaviors

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In this episode:

- Alec Lindenauer, COR's Chief Allowance Officer, Financial Planner and Certified Financial Education Instructor℠

- Jessica Pelletier, Executive Director of FitMoney



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